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Preparation and hard-work will always give you an advantage, but when the whole season is on the line it is how you finish that ultimately determines the winners and losers.  If you want our advice, make sure you finish strong.  Walker Machinery is proud to represent the Lexion combine and with over 100 years of experience from both CLAAS and Walker your harvest is safe in our hands.

Walker Machinery carries a full line of CLAAS Lexion combines. Not only do we sell these combines, we also service them throughout their entire life. Whether you are in Mayfield, OH or Belle, WV – Walker is your number one choice for all agriculture equipment needs. Come stop by one of our 8 stores throughout West Virginia and Ohio or give us a call to speak with one of our agri-business specialists.


Lexion 760


There are certain top quality functions, services and solutions that CLAAS is known for, and there are superior, groundbreaking innovations found from no other manufacturer in the world but CLAAS. Systems like the APS Hybrid System, the unbeatable combination of two technologies. Or the new premier residue management options.

CLAAS LEXION 700 Series Models:

730, 740, 750, 760, 770

Lexion APS


Only CLAAS integrates both APS and ROTO PLUS systems into one combine to achieve maximum efficiency. Up to 30% of all grain is pre-separated by the APS cylinder, and then sent into the ROTO PLUS system where two counter-rotating rotors generate more separation force than single-rotor processors.

Five different APS grates.

Five different APS grate options are available. The easy to handle grates can be changed rapidly between crops by an access point from the rock trap area, maximizing combine output efficiency and profitability.

Rasp bar threshing drum.

The 24 inch diameter main threshing cylinder features 8 hardened rasp bars for extended wear.

Lexion TerraTrac


Each of the 700 Series of CLAAS Lexion Combines is available with the TERRA TRAC system. Protect the soil during harvesting and prevent soil compaction with ground pressure as low as 10.5 psi. With TERRA TRAC you can improve your traction in wet conditions, and improve stability on slopes.

  • Transport width of just under 14 ft
  • Soil protection: as low as 10.5 psi ground pressure
  • Improved traction (rice/wet conditions/rolling terrain)
  • Greater stability on slopes
  • Less drive resistance, less slippage and lower fuel consumption
  • 35 inch wide TERRA TRAC offers unmatched ground flotation performance
Lexion Maxflex

MAXFLEX Header | down-to-earth quality

Maximum flexibility is essential when harvesting crops close to the ground to prevent losses. MAXFLEX 1200 and MAXFLEX 1050 headers  automatically adjust to changing ground conditions while reducing potential for scooping up and ingesting debris and rocks. MAXFLEX headers are also capable of harvesting small grain crops because the cutterbar can be locked into a rigid position.

Lexion Maxflo

MAXFLO | Greater precision

The unique rigid draper design and utilization of an intake auger instead of a center draper belt makes the MAXFLO header effective and ideal for small grains and rice.  CLAAS engineers have designed an innovative new intake system using an intake auger instead of the traditional center feed belt. Compression augers mounted laterally onto the intake auger provide a natural transition into the feederhouse. This patented new flow design results in higher efficiency for greater machine performance.



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