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When it comes system the loading area is not an acceptable bottleneck.  The smallest amount of downtime can drastically effect the success of the day or job.  Trust in Walker Machinery and Cat to provide the highest quality loading equipment and trailers in the industry.  Because every producer knows, if you can’t get the product out of the forest or yard, you can’t turn a profit.

Walker Machinery carries a full line of forestry loading equipment, processing machinery, and logging chippers for processing lumber at the source. Delimbing and cutting logs to specific lengths can be accomplished at either the stump or landing before being loaded into trucks and transported to millyards and other facilities. Different types of loading equipment is available from Walker Machinery, including knuckle boom loaders, forest machines, and grinders & chippers. Knuckle boom loaders by Caterpillar are versatile loaders which can be utilized in nearly all conditions. Forest machines use hydraulic power and a wide range to load more logs per cycle than other loaders.

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