Drilling, Blasting, & Ripping

The profitability of your operation can depend largely on good blasting. Drilling and blasting are the first unit operations performed in most quarry and aggregate operations.  Proper drilling and blasting creates optimum material fragmentation and allows the downstream production process to operate at full capacity.

Walker Machinery offers a number of machines that deliver consistency and performance in every surface mining drilling application.  Our rotary drills and track drills – combined with multiple models of advanced drilling tools and our Halco high-performance hammers and drill bits – ensure there’s a Cat drill to meet every need.


  • D8T-D11T Dozer
    For everything from dozing, ripping, scraper work and land clearing to rough finish grading. The Cat D8T thru D11T Dozer are designed for productivity, comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • Rotary Drills
    Quarry’s rely on rotary drills to quickly drill consistent blast patterns.  They’re used in all applications – soft & hard rock, extreme temperatures and high altitudes.
  • Large Excavators
    Under the right conditions Cat Large Excavators with ripper attachments are an exceptional choice for quarry ripping. Using excavators to rip and load can lower your drilling and blasting costs, provide better rock size ratios and reduce contaminants.

Drilling, Blasting, & Ripping Equipment

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