Production Loading


Aggregate processing beings with the excavation and loading of material. Doing this phase of the production process effectively will improve conveying, crushing and screening efficiencies.

Aggregate processing may begin with drilling, blasting, or ripping but these materials lay dormant until they are loaded and hauled to the processing plant. Efficient and profitable aggregate processing largely depends upon your loading equipment selections. Caterpillar designs wheel loaders and large excavators to provide a wide range of heavy loading applications to move gravel, sand, rock and other aggregates from the job site to the processing facility location.


  • Medium Wheel Loaders
    Take a look at Walker Machinery’s wide selection of Wheel Loaders. They are built to help you increase productivity while minimizing costs.
  • Large Wheel Loaders
    When you need size and power to match off-highway truck capacities, the Cat Large Wheel Loaders offer efficient and precise performance.
  • Large Excavators
    Walker’s Large Excavators are ideal for scooping aggregate material from the quarry face and transferring it to a haul truck to gein processing. They can also pull loosely defined material directly from the quarry face.

Production Loading Equipment

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