Prep Plant

Preparation is Key to Success

For our mining customers, extracting coal is only part of the battle. Nowhere in the coal industry can money be recovered or lost faster than in the coal preparation plant. Proper Stockpiling is crucial in the coal industry to save as much coal as possible from fire, combustion and potential loss from runoff. Coal mining customers all across West Virginia and Ohio turn to Walker Machinery for all of their equipment needs to keep their prep plants running efficiently. Whether it is loading, hauling, or moving material, Walker has the answer our customers are looking for with new and used Caterpillar machinery as well as industry leading parts and service.


  • D8-D11 Dozers
  • 980-992 Wheel Loaders
  • Articulated Trucks
  • On Highway Trucks
  • 769-777 Quarry and Construction Trucks

Prep Plant Equipment

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