Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

Mining Scrapers

Mining scrapers are indispensable machines in most mining operations. If you’re looking to buy mining scrapers in WV that can handle your most challenging mining applications and keep coming back for more, look no further than Walker Machinery Co.

We feature a line of rugged Cat® wheel tractor scrapers that can move huge amounts of material in a short amount of time.

Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

Cat Mining Scrapers Can Do It All

When you buy mining scrapers from Walker, you get durable Cat equipment that can do everything from digging partings and cleaning greenfield coal mines to removing overburden and reclaiming mine sites. Choose from a wide range of hauling systems including push loaded, push-pull loaded or self-loading.

All Cat mining scrapers are designed for fast loading and unloading, and they can provide level spreading of materials even when traveling at high speeds. They also feature spacious cabs that keep operators comfortable and safe during those long days on the job.

Multiple Mining Scraper Sizes and Configurations Available

No two mining operations are exactly alike, and that’s why Caterpillar® produces mining scrapers in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. You can buy a mining scraper from Walker that is ideally suited to your specific mining applications.

Discover How a Mining Scraper From Walker Can Increase Your Productivity

Contact Walker today to learn more about how a Cat mining scraper can help you maximize the productivity of your West Virginia mining operation and to receive a no-obligation price quote.

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