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If you are experiencing poor EQUIPMENT performance, it could be due to fuel contamination problems.

Fuel Analysis helps check for water, dirt, and bacterial contamination your diesel fuel that could affect the performance of fuel system components and cause premature failure. Testing can help identify potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance and much more. Wear metal and oil additive analysis identifies the presence of engine oil in the fuel system. It is important to determine the condition of your diesel fuel to help maintain your equipment’s performance and to keep productivity at a max.


By enrolling in the S•O•SSM Services Program, a routine sampling interval can be establlished to build-up a trend of data over time. that trend allows you to compare sample history and more easily identify deviations from the normal trend. This consequently adds value to the data interpretation process with more meaningful recommendations and recommended actions.


Barry Heeke

Senior S·O·S Services Lab Interpreter
(502) 774-4441 ext. 71345

Jessica Hustead

Condition Monitoring Specialist
304-949-6400 ext. 62211



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