Equipment Certified Rebuilds

Equipment rebuilds

One of the reasons why Cat® has retained its reputation for exceptional quality for more than 90 years is the company’s exclusive Certified Rebuild program. Serving as a “second life” for aging equipment, a complete rebuild is an effective alternative to replacing a machine that is struggling to deliver the performance you need.



In the 25th year of the Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) Program, Whayne Supply delivered the 5,000th machine to be rebuilt under the strict guidelines that provide customers with like-new machines. The Cat 980G Wheel Loader, owned by Sellersburg Stone, was rebuilt to new machine specifications in Whayne’s Louisville, Kentucky, shop, where the ceremony was held on December 17.

The rebuild process

A certified rebuild is a complex process that effectively restores all aspects of your machine to like-new conditions. This involves:

  • Inspection and evaluation — A visual inspection and review of service records and diagnostic test results is the first step in a certified rebuild. This allows our team to assess where attention is needed and develop an accurate estimate of the time and costs involved.
  • Disassembly — Then, the machine is taken apart. All hoses, gaskets and other hardware are replaced by new parts. Other components are inspected on a case-by-case basis to determine whether replacement or remanufacturing is necessary.
  • Reconditioning — The reconditioning process varies with each machine, but may include frame measuring and straightening, hydraulic component testing or electronic/software updates.
  • Engineering upgrades — Any systems or technology that were not available when your machine was originally produced can be added on. This ensures your reconditioned machine is able to meet the challenges of the future.
  • Power train tests — Before the machine is reassembled, its engine, transmission and other power train components are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet performance benchmarks. If necessary, further work will be performed to get these important components restored to like-new conditions.
  • Reassembly — The reassembly process involves making sure all clearances, torques and other measurements are correct. The machine’s engine wiring harness will also be replaced at this time.
  • Performance testing — Your reconditioned machine undergoes an extensive series of quality control tests before being delivered. Turbocharger boost, throttle response, hydraulic pressure and other factors are all checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Repainting — Your rebuilt machine receives a fresh coat of paint as well as all new corrosion protection and graphics.
  • Serial number rebadging — Completely rebuilt machines will receive a new serial (or product identification) number and a comprehensive warranty. Optional extended warranty coverage is available.
  • Evaluation — Your machine is delivered and you have a chance to test it out in real world conditions.

The above steps represent a typical equipment rebuild as performed by an authorized Cat dealer. Powertrain and specific component rebuilds are also available. To learn more about the process, or to request a quote for one of your machines, contact Walker Machinery Co. today.

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