In the long run you are directly responsible for your engine’s performance. You can lessen the chances of oil-related failure by taking the initiative to protect your engine.

Walker Machinery is your authorized dealer for Cat fluids and lubricants. We have an entire department dedicated to serving your lubricant needs. They are industry experts for all different makes and models of machines. Want to learn more about the different fluids and lubricants that we sell for your machines? Stop by one of our 8 locations throughout West Virginia & southeastern Ohio and we will be happy to help you.

Cat Filters Fluids

CAT Lubricants & FLITERS

Cat fluids and filters are designed specifically for Cat machines and offer improved life and engine performance.They are expertly engineered, designed, and tested through extreme conditions and applications. Caterpillar offers many greases, fliters, coolants and oils for specific applications and components.


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