Undercarriage Service

undercarriage service

In rough operating environments, the undercarriage of your Cat® machines can easily incur considerable amounts of wear. While Cat equipment is known for its durability and performance in difficult conditions, preventative, proactive maintenance can go a long way toward protecting your investment and minimizing damage over time.

Walker Machinery Co. is the only official Cat dealer serving western West Virginia and southeast Ohio. This means that not only do we offer the latest machines and other products for sale, we are also your go-to source for all maintenance and repairs. For our clients in the forestry, mining and other industries, regular undercarriage service is one of the most important things we can do to protect your fleet.


A track-type machine’s undercarriage typically accounts for 20% of its initial purchase price and up to 50% of its ongoing maintenance expenses. Clearly, it pays to have a service provider that knows how to minimize wear and keep it working its best. For expert assistance with all your Cat and allied machines, contact Walker today.

Undercarriage repairs by walker

Walker Machinery is uniquely equipped to provide professional undercarriage maintenance and repair to demanding clients. Our repair packages include a thorough inspection and service as necessary to all parts of your equipment’s undercarriage, including buckets, blades, beds, tracks and roller frames. With sophisticated diagnostic technology, we can take precise frame measurements to ensure no structural components have been warped or damaged over time. We also offer abrasive resistant material (ARM) coating that promotes increased wear resistance.

As with all core components of your heavy machinery, the key to keeping an undercarriage working its best is through preventative maintenance. At Walker Machinery, we follow all recommended Cat service guidelines to help you get the most out of your equipment and save money on major repairs.

Operator tips

Another essential part of undercarriage maintenance is adopting proper usage habits. While it is impossible to avoid wear entirely, particularly when working in rough terrain, there are a few things you can do to minimize its impact:

  • Keep undercarriage components clean and free of debris. Limit the use of roller guards (which can trap material against wearable parts) and use center punched shoes when working in wet sand, clay, snow or similar conditions.
  • Use the narrowest shoe possible that provides sufficient flotation. Wider shoes produce increased wear on bushings, sprockets, linkages, tracks, rollers and other components.
  • Keep your track properly adjusted. Track adjustment is something that can be done by your crew in the field, though a Walker technician can also provide this important service for you.

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