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Sunflower Tillage

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Tillage matters to your success. And your success matters to us.

Tomorrow’s yields will come from enhanced hybrids, advanced chemistry and the luck of great weather. You can’t control all of that, but you can control the quality of the growing environment. You can give seeds a uniform seedbed not obstructed by residue. You can give plants access to groundwater and loose soil for their roots. You can give each plant its best opportunity to give you its best yield.

Sunflower Tillage Equipment

Sunflower Disc Harrow

sunflower  | disc harrows

The disc harrow has become a fixture on nearly every farm since its introduction many years ago. When it’s doing its job, a disc should size residue to manageable pieces, blend residue into soil to speed up decomposition and deter erosion, break up clods and level the field. To do its job right, a disc needs enough weight to cut tough residue. It also needs gang placement to leave a uniform surface, allowing material to flow through the tool rather than building up. A good disc harrow is easy to keep balanced, easy to use and easy to maintain.

sunflower disc harrow models:

1212, 1234, 1321, 1436,1444, 1544, 1550, 1710, 1710HD, 1810, 1830

Sunflower Soil Conditioner

sunflower  | soil conditioners

Pulled alone or behind a host tool, a soil conditioner not only firms the soil, but disperses residue, fills depressions and properly levels and conditions the seedbed.
For the ultimate in seedbed preparation, the Sunflower 7200 Soil Conditioner, not only firms the soil, but also disperses residue, fills depressions and properly levels and conditions the seedbed. The 17-inch-diameter Chevron reels effectively break up clods, knock soil from root crowns and level the ridges left behind by aggressive tillage tools.
Standard features, designed to improve performance and efficiency, include wings that flex both up and 10 degrees below level, adjustable wing sections that allow the soil conditioner to be tailored to the width of the host machine and overlapping gangs to condition soil completely across the entire machine, thereby reducing misses. Our exclusive C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb coulter gang shock, prolonging bearing and frame life

sunflower soil conditioner model:


Sunflower Land Finishers

sunflower  | LAND FINISHERS

Land Finishers combine multiple tools and procedures into a single tool to give you a firm, level seedbed. To do the job right, a Land Finisher should be easy to set to get your desired results and easy to run without clogging with residue.
The 6000 Series Land Finishers are the ultimate one-pass tools and are loaded with features to help comply with today’s residue management requirements. The gullwing-shaped coulter gang, with the disc gang reel mounted immediately behind it, ensures a level profile before the field cultivator sweeps begin their tillage operation. The UHMW bearings in all lift-and-fold systems eliminate greasing and wear. Sunflower introduced the first split-wing system in the field cultivators and soon adopted that system in the Land Finishers. This design allows 37-foot or wider units to fold into a small enough package to pass through a 14-foot-high door, an industry first.

sunflower LAND FINISHERS models:

6221, 6333, 6433

Sunflower Verticle Tillage

sunflower  | vertical tillage

Vertical-tillage systems were created to address different needs than traditional tillage systems. Farmers using no or minimal tillage in their operations found new crop varieties were more difficult to manage in terms of residue. They needed a tool to help with residue breakdown that was less aggressive than a disc harrow. Other farmers wanted a tool that could help manage residue and better prepare soils for planting with reduced horizontal movement. Now moving into their second decade, vertical-tillage practices have had time and opportunity to be observed and improved. Their aim is to manage residue and open soil for warming and drying while minimizing its horizontal movement and reducing compaction layers.

sunflower VERTICAL TILLAGE models:

6631, 6650

Sunflower Primary Tillage

sunflower  | primary tillage

The best time for dealing with compaction is in the fall during your post harvest tillage. Breaking up hardpan and roughing up the surface will improve water and nutrient infiltration over the winter. Primary Tillage tools, such as a disc ripper, not only shatter deep compaction but can also cut and mix heavy residue and leave the field level behind the tool.
The combination tools of our 4000 series do multiple tasks with each pass. In situations where you can only make a limited number of passes on a field, the 4000 series helps you get more done on more acres the right way.

sunflower PRIMARY TILLAGE models:

4213, 4233, 4412, 4511, 4530, 4630, 4710, 4730

Sunflower Field Cultivator


Many farmers choose Sunflower field cultivators to prepare seedbeds for planting. Like other tools, a field cultivator should keep the tool set, level and maintain sweeps at the proper angle.
All Sunflower field cultivators feature superior engineering and rugged construction that withstands the test of time. A prime example of this superiority is the A-frame tongue design, which adds tremendous support to the center-section frame to withstand the rotational forces generated by the heavy point load shanks and the combined weight of multi-section tools when folded for transport. Each leg of the A-frame tongue extends deep under the center-section frame, supporting it from the tractor drawbar to the lift axles.

sunflower FIELD CULTIVATORS models:

5035, 5135, 5056

Sunflower Inline Ripper

sunflower  | in-line rippers

The Sunflower 4700 Series In-Line Rippers are built for professional farmers in search of a rugged machine to handle challenging soil and residue conditions. The 4700 Series provides deep tillage for primary tillage needs.
The 4700 Series is built on a solid frame with heavy-duty shanks designed to deeply penetrate heavily compacted soils and when equipped with the optional coulter blades easily slicing through tough crop residue to maximize crop yield potential.

sunflower IN-LINE RIPPER models:

4710, 4730

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