The Benefits of Managing Payload to Improve Safety & Profitability

An overloaded haul truck not only jeopardizes the safety of a mining system, it can also erode profitability. If a mining haul truck is routinely carrying too much payload, its frames and structures are under severe stress. Bodies are wearing out faster, too, as are tires. Component life can be seriously compromised, increasing the risk of premature failure and unplanned downtime. Plus, overloaded mining haul trucks can damage haul road surfaces, increasing site maintenance costs and reducing the efficiency of a mobile fleet.

To prevent overloading, more operations are turning to technology. Mine production monitoring systems allow the capture of real-time payload data for every mining truck in a fleet. With this information, mine managers can identify precisely when and where overloading is taking place, then take action to stop it.

Technologies that monitor mining equipment health can also be useful for managing mine payload. While the primary role of a mining system is to aid equipment management, the data it provides can also help identify trucks that may be carrying too much payload—units with excessive tire wear, frequent blowouts, reduced component life, engine overheating issues and other common problems associated with overloading.

Some mining health systems will even indicate where haul roads are deteriorating, using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) tracking capabilities. Real-time access to this information not only helps mine managers plan and carry out haul road maintenance efficiently; it may also identify an overloading situation that has contributed to the damaged haul road.

Managing payload is key to running a safe, efficient and profitable operation. Are you confident your mining haul trucks are being loaded accurately? How are you using technology to optimize payload?

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