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Caterpillar® compact construction equipment offers the highest quality in performance, ease of operation, and versatility for projects both big and small. From residential landscaping to working within the more confining spaces of smaller construction sites, Cat offers a wide range of products that live up the dependability and level of quality of what has become expected as the industry leader.

For nearly nine decades, Caterpillar has provided customers with high-quality, innovative products including the durable, and reliable compact construction equipment under the Cat brand. While many competitors like Bobcat and John Deere offer similar products, Cat offers unrivaled support, superior quality, reliability and durability that guarantees your machines will last under the most demanding applications. In addition, tools and attachments can maximize the value of your equipment while saving you the cost of purchasing separate machines. Cat promises products that allow for multiple rebuilds and easy serviceability, and the brand continues to support its equipment with parts that are readily available for quick repair.

When you’re seeking precision and versatility for your next project, consider Cat’s wide range of compact machinery that give you the power and flexibility you need to complete any task.
Cat’s compact line of machines include compact skid steer loaders, compact track and multi-terrain loaders, compact wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators.

For more than 60 years, Walker Machinery Company has offered superior quality, reliability and availability to our clients. As a Caterpillar Dealer, Walker sells, rents, and leases a full line of compact Cat machines to provide you with the versatility needed to complete any job.
Our dedicated staff will provide you with the product support you expect from Caterpillar dealers. Take a look at some of the latest models of Cat compact machines and tools, which are available to help you complete the most demanding tasks.

The Advantages of Cat Compact Equipment

Cat compact equipment includes skid steer loaders, track and multi-terrain loaders, wheel loaders, and hydraulic excavators. They provide superior versatility and a range of tools and attachments that can transform a single piece of equipment into a multi-functional machine equipped to handle a range of applications on the job site.

These tools and attachments maximize the value of your machine and eliminate the need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment to perform different tasks. Here are some of the advantages of Cat compact equipment:

  • Unrivaled flexibility
  • Widest attachment selection in the industry with more than 100 work tools and attachments available
  • Leading provider of parts, service and support
  • Machines are designed to meet all regulatory requirements and are cleaner to operate

Work Tool Attachments Available for Cat Products

While each job has its own unique demands, Cat’s range of work tools and attachments are designed to make a single machine perform multiple tasks. In addition, a universal coupler will allow for the use of many existing tools with your Cat machines.

The current lineup of Cat work tools includes augers, buckets, hammers and more. For forestry crews, a range of delimbers and felling heads are available. Roadwork teams will benefit from our cold planers, compactors and other tools that get work done in fewer passes. In fact, whatever industry you’re in, there’s likely to be a Cat attachment that can improve your productivity.

With the optional Center Lock© Pin Grabber Quick Coupler system — available on select excavators and other machines — it’s easier than ever to switch between attachments on the go. The Center Lock system allows machine operators to make confident, fast tool changes with just the flip of a switch. An over center locking mechanism delivers an additional layer of security and protection — a visible second lock provides instant confirmation that the system is engaged.

A few of the tools available include:

  • Augers
  • Backhoes
  • Blades — angle and dozer
  • Brooms
  • Brush Cutters
  • Compactors
  • Forks
  • Hydraulic Hammers
  • Mulchers
  • Snow Blowers and Plows
  • Tillers

Let’s take a look at some of the features offered with Cat’s compact equipment.

Cat Compact Skid Steer Loaders

When it comes to skid steer loaders, Cat’s industry leading models offer the same superior performance while providing greater traction and stability over a wider range of site conditions. In addition, a variety of Cat work tool attachments are also available, adding valuable flexibility and multiple functions to your machine.

Cat Skid Steer

Primarily used for agriculture, roadway projects, landscaping, and general construction, Cat’s full line of skid steer loaders are designed with the latest hydraulic technology, and they’re built to maximize performance and safety. With electro hydraulic joystick controls and electronic torque management, along with the range of work tool attachments, Cat’s skid steer loaders are engineered to assure high output even in the most demanding applications.

Caterpillar is known for producing world-class heavy equipment for just about any construction application. While skid steer loaders aren’t the largest machines in the Cat equipment fleet, they always come up big in terms of performance.

With both radial and vertical lift paths, Cat offers skid steer loaders that can perform even the most demanding tasks, with operating capacity ranging from 1,800 to 3,600 pounds depending on the model.

Some of the advantages available include:

  • Adjustable seat with easy joystick controls to maximize operator comfort
  • Quiet operation and lower fuel consumption
  • Universal attachment coupler
  • Advance hydraulic system and electronic torque management

Cat Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loaders

The compact models of the Cat skid steer loaders, Cat track loaders, and Cat multi-terrain loaders are almost identical machines fitted with different undercarriage equipment that provides for greater versatility depending on the application and terrain you’re working in.

Cat Compact Track Loaders

While the undercarriage and track features differ, both the skid steer loaders, track loaders, and multi-terrain loaders feature the same one piece, modular cab design, which is sealed for a cleaner operating space and greater comfort.

Cat’s line of track loaders and multi-terrain loaders feature a different undercarriage that allows for different benefits depending on the terrain. All Cat products also feature the ability to connect to an electronic coupler that allows the operator to quickly change tools without exiting the cab.

In addition, the same work tool attachments available for the skid steer loaders are available for the Cat compact track and multi-terrain loaders.

Do you need a sturdy, dependable loader that can navigate even the most challenging terrain? Walker Machinery Co. is your western WV and southeastern OH headquarters for rugged compact track and multi terrain loaders that can handle treacherous underfoot conditions with ease. We feature a large selection of new Cat® track loaders for sale that will keep your projects “on track” and within budget.

By opting for a track or multi-terrain loader, you can traverse a variety of terrain including soft, muddy areas or hard, rocky or snowy surfaces without damaging the terrain. With Cat’s suspended, rubber track undercarriage, you can perform all essential functions over a wide range of areas with stability and enhanced traction.

Cat Compact Wheel Loaders

For high performance and greater versatility, Cat’s line of compact wheel loaders are invaluable assets when it comes to agriculture, landscaping projects, forestry, construction applications, and mining.

Compact Wheel Loader

If your typical jobsite requires moving mounds of materials from stockpiles to trucks, then a wheel loader is a piece of heavy equipment you simply cannot do without. Walker Machinery Co. offers Cat wheel loaders for sale that make transporting and loading gravel, dirt, sand or debris a fast and easy process. We can provide state-of-the-art Cat wheel loaders for businesses from Charleston, WV to Jackson, OH and all points in between.

The compact wheel loaders offered by Cat are perfect additions to any heavy equipment fleet, and they provide the same interchangeable tool capabilities and flexibility that the other compact models include. With durability and greater power, the Cat wheel loaders can provide greater reach and offer the same comfort and safety of other Cat products.
From buckets to hydraulic tool attachments, Cat compact wheel loaders will work within your existing tool set, maximizing the value of your purchase and eliminating the need to purchase any additional equipment for the same job.

Work tool attachments for wheel loaders include augers, buckets, brooms, compactors, forks, landscaping rakes, tillers, snow removers, stump grinders, material handling arms, and trenchers among many more.

For greater precision and performance, wheel loaders also offer better reach and visibility, and they require little effort to operate and move material easily over a wide variety of rough terrain. The cab is designed to be spacious and comfortable, keeping the operator working at peak performance for the duration of long workdays in the driver’s seat.

Cat Compact Mini Hydraulic Excavators

Mini Excavator Uses

Cat’s mini hydraulic excavators allow for the fastest cycle times and power needed for the most hard-to-reach spaces, and they come in sizes ranging from 1.6 to 8 metric tons. With the complete set of interchangeable tools and attachments featured in other compact equipment models, these mini excavators will provide the highest range of performance and flexibility in your fleet.

Whether you need to perform grading on a large scale or you’re simply digging, Cat’s full line of mini hydraulic excavators provide the necessary maneuverability to perform a variety of job functions. Coupled with their unique tool sets and ergonomic control set up, they are among the safest and most flexible and durable machines on the market.
Responsiveness is also vital during excavation. With COMPASS control panel set up, Cat’s compact excavators provide superior control.

COMPASS is Cat’s state of the art control panel system with an ergonomic design that allows for changing patterns and other functions by simply touching a button. Maintenance, diagnostic, and performance functions are also included along with an anti-theft security device.

When it comes to tools, Cat mini hydraulic excavators can be equipped with augers, compactors, mechanical couplers, shears, hydraulic hammers and buckets, which have title and swing features.

Cat Compact Backhoe Loaders

When using larger, heavy equipment models is not an option or practical, Cat’s line of backhoe loaders can provide you with the superior digging, trenching, back-filling and material handling capability needed.

Backhoe Loader Uses

Due to their smaller frame size, Cat’s line of backhoe loaders offer versatility and maintain productivity through their powerful, durable, and flexible design. They can operate where other equipment cannot traverse.

Backhoe loaders are ideal assets for your fleet and can be utilized in general construction, demolitions, excavating, paving, and landscaping projects. With load-sensing hydraulic systems in place, Cat’s models also provide for smoother, more responsive control and lower operating costs due to a reduced need for fuel usage.

As with other models of Cat compact machinery, the complete line of backhoe loaders eliminates the need for multiple machines. In addition, the Curved Boom design allows for greater obstacle clearance when digging and loading.

Loader tools including buckets and forks are available in addition to traditional backhoe tools like augers, buckets, cold planer, hydraulic hammers, mechanical and hydraulic thumbs and quick couple attachments.

How Walker Machinery Can Help You

Walker specializes in selling, renting and leasing the latest Cat equipment that can help you garner the versatility that comes with an interchangeable tool attachment design. Instead of purchasing separate machines for multiple tasks, allow Walker to help you save money and provide you with the flexible, durable and reliable products you need.

Walker is an exclusive representative in southern Ohio and western West Virginia with the newest and best products from the legendary manufacturer, and we back up everything we sell with service, parts and other support. Find out more by speaking with a sales representative today.

We provide exceptional customer service through industry leading product support, knowledge and parts availability. We also have eight convenient full service branches including a dedicated Welding and Fabrication Shop, a Component Rebuild Center, a Hydraulic and Machine Shop, and two Undercarriage Rebuild Shops.

If your equipment needs are more temporary, Walker also offers a full rental service of Cat equipment with one of the largest rental inventories in the region with well-maintained machines to help you complete any job.

Contact Walker today for all your service needs or find a location near you using our location finder.

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