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Willmar Tenders

Willmar setS the benchmark for tenders.

With recommended maintenance and care from Walker Machinery, these ruggedly built tenders will provide years of reliable service.

From the sales process to full-service product support, Walker Machinery is committed to delivering an ownership experience that matches the professional-level performance of your new equipment. Best-in-class performance and best-in-class support — it’s what you expect from Willmar products and the knowledgeable, industry-savvy people who stand behind them.

willmar loadrunner

willmar grain handlers | load runner

Willmar’s truck or trailer-mounted 10-ton tenders are ideal for commercial fertilizer dealers, custom applicators and large farming operations. With two-large capacity hoppers that feed into one auger, these tenders can carry nearly any single, dry-material product and load an applicator or planter at up to two tons per minute.

  • 30º minimum hopper slope angle for the 1600 and 40º for the 10-ton model allow for fast material flow and cleanout

Willmar® tenders are manufactured from 409 stainless steel and finished with a special epoxy primer and modified acrylic urethane paint for maximum corrosion resistance. The rear- discharging augers are also made of 409 steel and coated with the same corrosion resistant finish.

willmar side shooter

willmar grain handlers | side shooter

When you have a lot of material to move, using the right tender can make all the difference in your bottom line. Fast and efficient unloading translates into convenience and profitability in the fertilizer tender business. Willmar’s 16 and 24-ton side-discharge tenders move up to two tones of material a minute.

  • Steep 40º angle, sloped sides for quick material dispensing
  • 4/6-compartment hoppers for multi-product transport options
  • Fold-up, viewing platform on left side for easy view of all four compartments
  • Corrosion resistant primer and finish
  • Hydraulic drive with PTO powered pump and 25-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
  • Individual hydraulic shut-off controls for horizontal and side discharge augers
  • 10-in. by 17-ft. 409 stainless steel swing away auger
  • Hydraulic valves control raise/lower, swing and fold/unfold

Multiple compartments enable simultaneous use of a single tender for seed, blended fertilizer and micronutrients or a single product. Slide gates on each compartment offer individual hopper unloading, while a bottom dump gate offers pit unloading as well as fast hopper clean out.

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